As two women who have visited hair salons on a frequent basis for the last 15 years, we understand the struggle.

We’ve endured soul-crushing, hair-breaking, money-wasting trial-and-error (don’t tell us you’ve never cried after a bad blowout!), dealt with awkward moments when a salon couldn’t handle our “ethnic” hair, and put up with bad service, long waits, and rude stylists…all in the name of beauty.

We’ve traveled to new cities and had no idea where to begin our stylist search (was anyone else’s hair in a bun 85% of freshman year?). We’ve resorted to chasing down complete strangers on the street to ask them where they get their hair done. We’ve been desperate enough to randomly pop in to the random “mainstream” salon and take a chance on a trim (all pictures from this era have been destroyed). We’ve been through it all.

All the while we’ve thought, There has to be a better way. We couldn’t find a solution, so we created one: A destination that makes it easy to build a beauty team that meets all your haircare needs.

We hope you love it!

Jihan + Jenny