Some people are into basketball brackets. Over here at Swivel HQ, we're into beauty brackets.

That's why we've created the first-ever textured haircare smackdown in the spirit of March Madness. 

The Conferences:

The Basics (shampoos/conditioners)

The Health/Strength/Moisture Boosters (oils, masques, treatments)

The Stylers (edge control, curl definers, daily moisturizers)

The Tools/Accessories (flatirons, diffusers, brushes, etc)

One quick note before voting: It was an impossible task to choose the top 16 products in each of our four "conferences." But we worked with a few trusted beauty experts—beauty journalist and The New York Times contributor Crystal Martin, former Essence Beauty Editor Nykia Spradley, and Vivrant Beauty founder Desiree Verdejo—to make sure we covered our bases. Will every match-up be exactly fair? Probably not. But the point is to have fun with it! Share, debate, vote. Now let's see....who will go all the way?